Author:Mark Hall <mhall{[at]}>
Changes:ARFF header job/randomly shuffled data chunk job can now compute quartiles and histogram information for numeric attributes (which gets added to the summary attributes in the header). Randomly shuffled data chunk job is now a separate job that can be invoked independently of the classifier job. Summary attribute charts, as png files, are now produced using the JFreeChart library. Correlation matrix job now produces a heat map chart for the correlation matrix.
Depends:weka (>=3.7.11), distributedWekaBase (>=1.0.6)
Description:Provides loaders and savers for HDFS, plus Hadoop jobs and tasks that wrap the tasks provided in distributedWekaBase. Includes libraries for Apache Hadoop 1.1.2.
License:GPL 3.0
Maintainer:Mark Hall <mhall{[at]}>